Highlights from the Lupus Walk 2018

Happy Monday everyone, another year another successful Lupus Walk. I have once again met my goal and some this year, because of your donations. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you, for showing up for me. Whether it is walking with me on walk day, or donating to the cause, or just sending some kind words my way when I am having a flare. Words cannot express my appreciation to you all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Love you all.

Special thanks to my husband Thomas Ravn, Andria Taylor, Vera Asante, Petagaye Bloomfield, Andria Moss, Janice Glenn, Juliane Reynolds, Maxine McCathy, Pately Brown, Denise Robinson, Patricia McFarlane, Michelle Brooks, Cheryl Clarke, Niceno Larsen, Simone Glenn, Tereen Delapenha, Glania Voltaire, Neikisha Charles and anyone I might have forgotten to mentioned here.

Let’s not just remember Lupus once a year in May, but however remember that the people living with Lupus along with their caregivers have to deal with this awful disease 365 days of the year.

To my lupie brothers and sisters, we will continue to be warriors, we will continue to advocate and to raise money until there is “NO LUPUS” a cure.


Anxiety is one of the many symptoms that also plays a big role with lupus patients. The unpredictability and fear of a lupus flare certainly gives raise to anxiety. You can be well one day and be in the hospital the next. An example of this for me was my mini vacation in St. Petersburg Fl.  I got off the flight in St. Pete’s and had to go to the ER immediately, because of chest pain. I lost two days from my vacation by being in the hospital.

Learn about lupus in a fun way, by playing this game:-


Go to https://www.lupus.org for more information.

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