Halotheraphy- Salt Theraphy

About Halotheraphy

Halotherapy was discovered in the 1800s by Polish miners who noticed their frequent exposure to salt mines yielded positive results in their skin and respiratory health.

The word Halotherapy, is derived from the Greek word halo, meaning “salt”, it is a form of alternative treatment which involves breathing in salty air. This treatment has been around for centuries and is found today in some modern spas.

Halotheraphy,  known also as Salt therapy, was another alternative treatment I heard about and wanted to try. If you read my previous post under know lupus, you already know that I’m on a quest to find alternative treatments to minimize the pain and symptoms one suffers when living with lupus.

This alternative treatment has been effective in reducing symptoms in many areas of health. Although this treatment is mostly used to remedy lung-related disorders, salt has also been used to care for skin conditions, anxiety, stress, ENT illnesses, and has been use to improve the immune system. :

So when I read that Halotherapy enhances and improves various skin conditions, in a natural way with no side effects, I decided I had to give it a try. At the time I decided to try this treatment, I having a flare from my Discord Lupus, I thought perfect timing.

What is Discord Lupus?

Discord lupus (erythematosus) is a chronic autoimmune disease affecting the skin. It gets its name from the coin-shaped lesions it produces. This condition causes a severe rash that tends to get worse when exposed to sunlight. … A person with systemic lupus can also have discord lesions.

This is a disease that often flares, with the condition worsening for periods of time. Stress may also be a factor in causing a flare, so I  try to as much as I can to look after  my well-being and manage my stress as much as possible.

 The Salt Room

Walking into the salt room I can see that the floor is covered with small loose Himalayan salt pebbles. The walls are also covered with salt and the lights are dimmed. There is relaxing music being played in the background, creating a cave like calming atmosphere. There are a few reclining chairs for you to sit on, and a blanket if the room gets too cold.  For those of you who can’t do without your phones, there are special plastic lock bags available for you to put your phone in to protect it from the salt.


Halotherapy rooms like this one are controlled environments, where the amount of concentration of salt in the air, and the humidity levels and temperature range can be controlled. The concentration of pure pharmaceutical grade salt in the room can be adjusted to a level appropriate to individual conditions. For example a lower efficiency is attempted with patients with steroid dependency.

A special generator is use to grind pharmaceutical grade salt into fine particles known as Dry Salt Aerosol.  Micro-particles of salt are dispersed in small intervals into the room during the 45-minute treatment session. The particles, measuring less than 5 micrometers in diameter, penetrate deep into the lungs, bronchi, and on your skin.

The inhaled salt helps kill bacteria, break down mucous and pollutants lodged in the respiratory tract.  These are then either coughed up or eliminated through the blood stream.  The treatment reduces hypersensitivity and inflammation in the lungs, thins out mucus build-up, eliminates allergens, improves lung function and opens up breathing passages. It also has positive benefits for the skin, which I will concentrate on here, as this was the main reason for me to go.

Benefits of Salt therapy for the skin

  • Makes skin more resistant to bacteria
  • Decreases swelling and inflammation
  • Normalizes pH balance of skin
  • Increases turgor (elasticity and hydration of skin)
  • Stimulates growth and helps repair/regenerate skin
  • Increases permeability of skin (helps your cosmetic products work better)
  • Decreases itching, heals fissures, cracks and scratches in the skin
  • Improves skin circulation

Halotherapy  can be used as a solo treatment or complementary treatment, it can increase the effectiveness and decrease the amount of prescribed medications one has to take. Sorting out these alternative treatments is my goal to  decrease the amount of prescribe medication I have to take.

After 45 minutes of mediating music in the salt room, I felt relaxed, calm and  definitely had a taste of salt at the back of my month/throat. After two treatments I can see an improvement of my skin rash. It didn’t completely clear the rash, and I expect I may have to do more treatments to benefit more from this treatment. For now, if nothing else, I got to relax and mediate for 45 minutes which is always great.


Himalayan Products

You can purchase several different Himalayan salt products, like rocks, lamps, soaps, and body scrub to take home, so you can continue treatment at home.

Below is a short clip from ABC’s Good Morning America about salt therapy that offers another perspective on this form of treatment.



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