Time for some more Cocktails “IV Therapy” Pt.2

An Update on my “IV Therapy”

A month after my first IV Myers Cocktail therapy I decided to give it a second chance. In my first post about this first treatment you might have read how disappointed I was with my initial session. Time for some Cocktails “IV Therapy” Pt.1 The first time I tried this treatment I had such great expectations.I thought I would feel  like a super woman when I got home, or even the next day. Maybe it was from hearing the nurse telling me how great I would feel afterwards and partly me wanting relief from my pain. However that didn’t happen for me.

After a couple of days had passed, I called the nurse to tell her about my disappointment, and she explained to me that some patients needs a little extra or stronger cocktail for it to work for them. She told me about a Super Mergers IV therapy I could try. After hearing about this Super Myers and doing my research, I said” What the heck” and decided to give it another chance.

My push to do this again came because in addition to my normal Lupus pain, I had recently been in a rear ended car accident and was having additional back pains from that as well.

I had also read that a modified Myers’ cocktail seems to provide rapid relief for patients with muscle spasm, which I was also suffering from as a result of this car accident.

After trying the Super Myers cocktail, I certainly didn’t feel like a super woman right away. However over the following days, I began to feel much better. I spoke to a girlfriend of mine, a lupie sister who had also tried IV therapy and she had experience much success with it. She had however tried a different cocktail than mine.

So, if you try something once that doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Maybe give it a second try. Ask questions about what they can do to get a better result for you. You never know. Trying the Super Myers certainly worked for me. I will certainly be going back for additional treatments.

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