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Dresses For Lupus Warriors Jamaica Giving Back 2018

My beautiful Island home, was the choice of Butterfly Box giving back venture this year 2018. I have been thinking about doing this venture for a while, however there was always a deterrent. Some how this year December 2018 it finally happened. I was able to realize this dream of doing something for the lupus community in Jamaica.

It started with me contacting the Lupus Foundation of Jamaica to hear if this idea I had was even possible. My dream was to do an event called “Dresses for Lupus Warriors”. I wanted to give each member of the Lupus foundation living with Lupus a dress which would hopefully bring a little Joy to them at Christmas time.

My thoughts were – with a new dress, if I could just take their minds for the disease even just for a little while and bring some joy.

Plus most ladies love a new dress.

Sometimes just being reminded that someone cares and you are not alone helps. I know -I have had first hand experience of what it is like living with Lupus.

Luckily this event was a success.

There are some highlights of the event.


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