Salt Water Floatation Therapy

My initial reason for starting this blog was to bring awareness to lupus, advocate for a cure and to share my personal journey living with lupus.

I also wanted to share with you my quest to find natural alternative treatments that could help alleviate some of my chronic pain. Go check out some of the other treatments I have tried.

Today, I will take you on a journey with me to salt water floatation therapy. I have been wanting to try this flotation therapy for a while now and just couldn’t seem to find the time or right place to do it. So when I saw an add for a local Salt Therapy Center, I decided I would make it a priority and try it.

It was the perfect time. I wasn’t sleeping properly, and was having extreme lower back and joint pains along with having a lot of stress and anxiety due to this virus and after the year we had just had.


Epsom salt, water, zero gravity and zero distractions and pure bliss. Floating for an hour on top of water that is so dense with medical grade epsom salt that it will hold any weight perfectly. You feel like you have left the world behind and have taken a moment to yourself to experience complete sensory relief.


Floating is like no other feeling in the world. When you float, you become weightless. The stress of gravity is removed. The stress of the outside world is removed. All that is left is breath and the float.

Floating takes place in a salt water tub with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt in just 200 gallons of water. Meaning that the water is so dense with salt, that anyone can trust the water to hold them up in perfect alignment under zero gravity conditions.

I was a little nervous at first if it would hold me up. It did, so I got comfortable and I might have dosed off. The water is heated to 93.5 degrees – average skin temperature. I was told that the ideal environment is for one to turn off the lights, though the lights can stay on as well.  I kept the lights on at first, then chose to turn off the lights and it was a better experience. Plus there was some small lights in the ceiling to look at. It felt like what it might feel like floating in space looking at the stars. The idea is to be relieved of as much external stimuli and stress as possible. That experience I fully got.


One might ask, “what could you possibly gain from floating in a shallow tub full of salt water?” And the answer would be, there are so many benefits, its hard to list! Flotation therapy has been around within a controlled spa environment since the 1950’s, but historically, the relaxation of floating on top of still salt water has been around for thousands of years. There’s something about being in this womb-like state that our bodies respond extremely well to.

There are some of the benefits you get from flotation therapy:-


Floating is proven to accelerate the healing process of many kinds of injuries. It also aids in the release of endorphin throughout the body – acting as a natural pain killer.


Whether its emotional stress or physical stress, the float rooms create the perfect environment to relieve the body and mind of both.


I experienced an overall deep relaxation in the float room, the brain easily slips into what’s known as the “theta state” or, the gateway to sleep.

To have enjoy greater results, it’s recommended that you go at lease three times and then continue as needed.

This was my first  experience and it was great. I will be going back intermittently when needed.

Be well…



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