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Happy New Year! Hope you had a relaxed holiday with loved ones and that your end of 2021 means exciting things ahead. 2021 has been really hard for many of us and I hope 2022 brings health and hope. I thought I’d introduce myself for those of you who became a part of our butterfly family not too long ago!

This picture was taken about 2 years ago. I was supper excited to start this business called Butterfly Box. However its has been a challenging 2 years navigating the road of an entrepreneur while living with the unpredictability of Lupus. Bu then it has also been a rewarding 2 years thanks to you and your support.

I am Gillian! I am a mom and wife. I was diagnosed with Lupus over 16+ years ago and since then I have been trying to live well and give back despite Lupus, which is not always easy.

After my diagnosis with Lupus I became very passionate about helping to find a cure for this horrible disease. Over the years I have been to the Georgia state capital to advocate for more funding and better laws supporting Lupus patients. I’ve also been an enthusiastic fundraiser for the lupus foundation of America (Georgia + Florida Chapter) in particular as part of the yearly Lupus Walk since 2011.

I’ve however always wanted to do more to uplift, support and empower women living with Lupus.

This is where my dream of Butterfly Box LLC came about. I wanted to bring a little bit of joy to Lupus warriors while they are going through their journey. I believe that the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way.

And I live by my mantra “We rise by lifting others”

Robert Ingersoll


Gillian Ravn

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