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Our Story...

Butterfly Box care packages are created especially for ladies living with an autoimmune like lupus. However this box is also great for any woman. In every box, you will find carefully chosen, feel-good products. Some of which will help with symptoms or side effects experienced by lupus warriors. All of our beautiful butterfly boxes, ship straight to the recipient’s doorstep.

Gillian Ravn, owner and founder of Butterfly Box, has been living with lupus for over 15 + years. Gillian has had first-hand experience of the unpredictability of this disease. Throughout her journey, she has had the opportunity to meet other warriors like herself who acknowledges how  wonderful it would be to buy or receive a care package and to be reminded that they are not going through this alone and that someone cares.

Gillian’s dream of a Butterfly Box was started because she wanted to bring some joy to you living with lupus. 

Our goal is to continue supporting women living with lupus – by making this Butterfly Box available; it is just one of the  many ways we are giving our support to our lupus community.

Our Vision and Mission

To provide care packages that informs, uplift, pamper, support, and encourage lupus warriors while they are going through their journey. We are also focused on doing our part in the fight against lupus – through advocacy and giving back to the lupus community.


We often choose organic, natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free items for each Box to ensure you are getting safe products.


Whenever possible, we source items from small businesses that are making a difference in their community and creating eco-conscious products.


The items in each of our Boxes are hand picked to serve a specific purpose, to pamper and help with symptoms, as well as to inform and inspire

Approved by Lupus Warriors

Gillian Ravn

Owner & Philanthropist​

Gillian Ravn is a loving mom and wife.  She was diagnosed with Lupus over 15+ years ago and since then has been trying to live well and give back despite Lupus.

After her diagnosis with Lupus she became very passionate about helping to find a cure for this horrible disease. Over the years she has been to the Georgia state capital to advocate for more funding and better laws supporting Lupus patients. She has also been an enthusiastic fundraiser for the lupus foundation of America (Georgia + Florida Chapter) in particular as part of the yearly Lupus Walk since 2011. 

She has however always wanted to do more to uplift, support and empower women living with Lupus. This is where her dream of Butterfly Box came about. She wanted to bring a little bit of joy to Lupus warriors while they are going through their journey. She believed that the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way.

Today she continues to practice her Mantra -

“We rise by uplifting others” –Robert Ingersoll