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We choose The Potholder Store as one of our partners this season for the Fall Box 2021. This business was chosen mainly because of their story, their business ethics, their dedication to help others. Their decision in choosing products made with high quality materials in is in alignment with the products we strive to put in our boxes. We also wanted to support a up and coming small business. Anytime Butterfly Box can support another small owned business it’s a win win for everyone.

The product from The Potholder Store that we choose to have as one of the 7- items in our box this season is:-

  • Sturdy and are made with high quality cotton.
  • All materials are made in USA.
  • Handcrafted in Mexico and inspected for quality. 
  • Are available in a variety of patterns in assorted Bright, Pastel and Earth-tone colors.

About The Potholder Store

Our purpose in life is most realized when we are able to help others. “We can do something.” I have never been to the Colonia deiz de Mayo in Reynosa, Mexico. However, through the gifting of my husband David, I have been there thousands of times through photos and stories. David is a professional photographer and his photographs have allowed me to walk the community with these people. He captured their daily struggles while sharing his experience of the desperation they face searching for mere morsels of food, clothing, a pair of shoes, or even toys for their children. We wanted to “do something.”

The most affected by the poverty were women and young mothers with children. We thought of a way to bring employment to this small community. We were inspired and took a very simple yet functional article and “did something.” We started a business to help the people in the Colonia.

We’ve partnered with them and the potholder store is born. Those who want to “do something” are able to stay in their homes and care for their families while looming potholders. The workers are so excited! They have relayed to us that they are able to buy food, shoes, eyeglasses, medicines, etc. A need was seen and a need is being met.Although I have been disabled, in a quadriplegic state and having my only mobility a wheelchair, I still wanted to “do something.” So I do the at home administrative work for The Potholder Store, while my husband does the legwork. As a team to meet a need and fulfill our purpose.


The Home is the Heart of Everything

The kitchen is the heart of the Home

The Home is the heart of everything. The kitchen is the heart of the Home. It’s place where we’re served and nourished. For this we need the right tools. The potholder is an essential kitchen tool needed in all situations.